For sport’s lovers our territory is pure heaven! Monte Grappa’s tourism cycle, Montello and Prosecco’s road are just some of the most beautiful cycling routes to deal with.
Moreover, at only few kilometres from our Hotel, there are two prestigious golf greens: Asolo Golf Club (Cavaso del Tomba) at 10 km, and Golf Club Ca’ Amata (Castelfranco Veneto) at 20 km.
For those who are passionate about Free Flight, the area of the pedemontana give the perfect atmosphere conditions for flying: Borso del Grappa and its AeroClub Montegrappa organise events that draw millions of people every year and from all Europe!


  • Asolo Free Music Festival (September)

The famous names of music and theatre panorama all meet here in Asolo to entertain the guests freely, to attract the biggest number possible of people for beneficence.

  • Cattle Fair (April)

On half April Sunday at Casella, at this fair you can find equipment, agricultural products and any other thing related to the country.

  • San Gottardo Fair (May)

On 5th of May, this fair also includes the feast of “cuchi”, some kind of particular earthenware whistles.

  • Antique object market (from January to June)

This little market takes place in Market square every second weekend of the month, from January to June, with more than 100 stands with fabrics, jewels, clocks, furniture and collection objects.

  • Market in the square (April to September)

This market takes place in the historical centre of the town, on the third Sunday of April and first Sunday of September. It offers all the products of biological and natural agriculture.

  • Market in the square (April)

The market of trees, bushes, any kind of flowers, products of biological agriculture and little antique objects takes place any third weekend of the month of April.


  • Exhibition and Conference(from the beginning of January to the middle of October)

The hand and the face of Antonio Canova, noble simplicity and serene greatness, Antonio Canova Museum and Gipsotec.

Bassano del Grappa

  • Jobs in the square (September)

The show market takes place in the historical centre in the month of September (the date is any time different).

  • Goat and cabbages (October)

The little market takes place the last Sunday of the September, in Freedom Square, with exhibitors of biologic and natural products.
Autumn Fair with booths of the partner cities. This ancient tradition Fair takes place in the historical city centre, the first and the second Sundays of October, and it is also an occasion of meeting with the cities of Voiron and Mulacker, which exhibit their own products.

  • DolceVi (November)

The sweetness of the earth in one glass: DolceVI takes place at Palazzo Bonaguro, an appointment with the best Italian sweet wines.

  • Christmas Market (November / December)

This market takes place in Garibaldi Square from the end of November, to the Christmas Eve, with around 25 booths of Christmas and handmade articles.

Crespano del Grappa

  • Biotaste (April)

Products and tastes of our territories. The event takes place at the second edition of San Marco Feats.


  • Cherry Feast of Maser (from the end of May to the beginning of June)

The Cherry Feast in Maser is a regional event, with the aim to give value to the typical product of this territory.


Sporting activities and not for all tastes between the beautiful hills of the Venetian pedemontana.

Asolo Golf Club

Cavaso del Tomba at 7 Km.
The field has 50 postings and the player has at his disposition a wide puttin-green with 27, 18 or 9 holes.

Montegrappa Air Park

Semonzo del Grappa a 4t Km.
Free flight school: hang-glider and paragliding.

Astronomic Observatory

Nove at 22 Km.
360° Heaven vault observation, multimedia room, virtual simulations and video projections.
Astronomy trainings and conferences.

Montegrappa Grappa Area

The territory.
Ecological itineraries. Itineraries for mountain bike. Itineraries of typical products from Alpine huts.

Grotte di Oliero

Oliero at 9 Km.
Underwater caves where to practice: canoing and kajak. Important naturalistic museum.

The Prosecco Wine Road

From Valdobbiadene to Conegliano
A lot of oenologist wine cellars for tasting of Cartizze and Prosecco.

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